5 Tips Homeowners Need To Know Before Switching To Solar Energy

Solar is more affordable than ever and people are starting to switch. We’ve put together some things that you should know as a homeowner before switching to solar.

Solar is more affordable than ever and people are starting to switch. We’ve put together some things that you should know as a homeowner before switching to solar.

1. Solar is More Affordable Than Ever

The price of solar has fallen drastically over the last decade thanks to research into more efficient and cheaper ways to build solar panels. And since more people and companies are investing in solar, the price comes down as the demand increases. American families can save over $100 a month (over a thousand a year!) just by switching to solar alone. And that’s not counting any extra energy their panels make that they can sell back to the power grid.

Scale of Solar Prices Over Time

Furthermore, the U.S. government has incentivized going solar—you get even more cost cuts when it comes to installing solar. Which means that now, of all time, is the prime time to get solar.

2. Your Solar Stimulus Package

For a short time, you can access and utilize federal tax credits that can save you up to 30 percent of solar installation costs.

There are several different financing options for solar panels as well. You can finance your very own solar system with a solar loan (works much like home-equity loan), line of credit, or cash. You can also take advantage of solar companies financing options which often include leasing options and the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) option—both which have very low monthly payments. These allow you to make an investment with $0 down and start making money immediately.

The downside to all of this is that it’s not going to last. The utility companies dislike the money they’re losing to solar energy, and the government incentives will only last as long as their solar initiative.

3. You Don’t Have To Foot The Bill Yourself

Though it is a lot cheaper than it’s ever been to buy your own solar panels, and even though you get the biggest electricity savings on purchasing your own solar panels, it’s often times a better option to let a solar company pay for and install your solar system.

In a way, you’re leasing or renting-to-own (leasing and PPA options) the solar panel system when you do this. The solar company uses some of those incentives to install your system for $0 down, and then you pay the company for the electricity you use. Since solar is a lot more efficient, your monthly payments will be very low. Additionally, the solar company will pay for any repairs and perform any maintenance checks the system needs throughout its life, so you’re saving money there as well.

It’s a really great option for homeowner’s who don’t want to sink tons of money upfront into an investment.

4. You’re Not On Your Own

Some homeowners might worry that they will have to fend for themselves during less sunny times or through the winter. But this shouldn’t be a concern.

Unless you live in a place that can’t get electricity from the grid at all, you will still be tied to your current power grid. This situation benefits everyone.

When you produce excess energy with your solar panels, it flows into the grid and the utility company pays you for the extra power you gave them. And, yes, this meter does run forward and backward, so all your energy is accounted for and you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Being tied to the grid also means that you won’t be left in the dark if for some reason your panels don’t perform as well one week, or if your panels don’t produce enough for your lifestyle in a week.

You are never alone. Your solar company will have your back and keep up your solar panels.

5. Shop Around

You can spend a lot of time looking through websites and calling up solar companies. And it’s important you select the very best solar company for your unique situation.

Not all houses are created equally, not all sunshine is the same. You need honest experts who are going to be able to tell you just how effective solar panels would be for you, where you need them, and if you should take that step.

Take advantage of your free consultation and connections to solar incentives today. Don’t let this opportunity slip away. You have nothing to lose except the extra stress your electric bill has been giving you.